Practice for osteopathy and acupuncture

What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic concept for the baby, the child and the adult. Osteopathy deals with all three body structure: musculoskeletal system, organs and central nervous system.
The patient is treated diagnostically and therapeutically at his static, functional and dynamic levels. Restrictions are corrected, pain is reduced, self-healing powers are activated and the body regains its balance.
Osteopathie Skelett

" Your children are not your children. they are the sons and daughters of the longing of life for themselves, but they are not coming through you, and altough they are with you, they are not yours. "

Khalil Gibran, philosopher

Indications for the baby
Baby spielt


Your baby is here! A new individual has found his place on earth. The path and the physical changes have often been long and difficult. Breathing, sucking, digesting and sleeping are processes, which have to be accompanied with Osteopathically.
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